- Specific training to develop behavioural and professional competencies.
- Tailor-made training, as per client’s requests.
- Sharing of educational/informative materials through the platform.
Health & Social:
- Educational projects aiming to keep healthcare professional upadated and to promote patient education.

Home & Leisure:

- Individual courses aiming to help our clients to develop cross-sector skills and competencies.
- LearningApp® platform can be used by public and private educational organizations, schools and universities to create and share educational contents.

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  • Effectiveness

    - LearningApp® significantly reduces time and costs related to traditional classroom-based activities.
    - LearningApp® best exploits the potential of last generation mobile devices to support your business.
    - Thanks to useful daily reminders (sms and emails), LearningApp® serves as a on-the-job trainer.
  • Efficiency

    Efficiency - Daily reminders and excercises allow users to train and to implement the concepts acquired directly at work.
    - Training videos are immediately accessible and usable in any kind of situation and at any time of the day.
  • Innovation

    - We strongly believe in mobile learning, a new way of conceiving training that goes beyond e-learning and takes distance learning to a higher level.
    - We provide multimedia training.
    - Through our “step-by-step” training method we provide users with short, concise and effective training videos which summarize different topics and emphasize key concepts.
    - Our training method and our platform are conceived to meet the requirements of any kind of company, organization and environment because they can be adapted to different needs and requests.


  • "Applicazione interessante e con molteplici ambiti di utilizzo"
    Enrico Golfetti, Distrex S.p.a.
    "Applicazione molto utile per la formazione dei venditori"
    Denis Bolzonella, Cast Bolzonella