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Our Academy offers a broad range of courses . In addition to the courses in our catalog, we also provide customized courses to meet specific needs and requests of clients. Customized courses on a specific topic can be created from scratch or they can include contents provided by the client himself.

All of LearningApp® courses are divided into weekly topics. Each topic is further divided into three modules (two training modules + one module containing a revision test and a satisfaction questionnaire). Learning material is provided in different formats such as e-books, pictures, videos, audio tracks and so on.
Modules are usually unlocked as follow:
Monday – first module
Wednesday – second module
Friday – Revision test and satisfaction questionnaire.
Schedule and modularity of each course can be customized to fit clients unique situations.
Accessible modules will be listed in the notifications sent to users throughout the week.


Health and safety in the workplace

“Health and safety in the workplace” is an online training course aiming at providing employees with basic skills in terms of prevention and safety at work.
  • Presentazioni efficaci

Effective Presentations: preparing and presenting public speeches

The course “Effective presentations ” aims to provide users with the necessary tools & solutions to deal with anxiety and insecurity when speaking in front of a group of people.

Leadership & Human Resources Management

Leadership & Human Resources Management is a course designed for all those who play a leadership role and/or managing staff.

Sell, simply!

Sell, simply! is the new course of LearningApp ®, designed for PC, smartphone and tablet. The training methodology devised by LearningApp ® is innovative as it goes beyond the traditional

Creativity & Innovation

A training course that introducie to the main creative thinking techniques and stimulate creative po

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