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About us

Learning App® formazione mobileLearningApp® originated from the need of Network Training to offer more effective training methods to client companies.

Since 1999 Network Training has been offering training services to companies in order to shape cross-sector skills. During its long-time experience, the company has always felt the need to strengthen the effectiveness of training to enable participants to adopt newer and more suitable approaches to work.

The main goal is increasing the well-being of both the company and the personnel at work. This drive towards constant improvement led to the creation of LearningApp®, an educational app which allows users to train directly at the workplace, thus improving their behaviour patterns.

Where does LearningApp® come from?

LearningApp® is the answer to the following question: “How can we promote more effective training?” This question arises from the awareness that after 8 hours of classroom-based activities, students hardly remember half of the contents and put into practise even less.

Another issue to be solved is that training and work are not interlinked. Therefore, if the new concepts that have been learnt are not put into practice immediately, the habit to actually implement them will never be shaped. Where on-the-job training cannot be carried out owing to cost- or time-related constraints, the effectiveness of training activities actually depends on the very trainees: but will they be motivated enough to implement the contents they learnt?

Owing to the strong aversion to implementing new behaviour patterns and habits at work, training effectiveness is very much reduced. Following the above-mentioned considerations, we had an idea: using smartphones and tablets – which are our main current working tools – as training instruments and “on-the-job trainers” for suitable behaviour patterns to be implemented properly.

Hence the LOgo rivisto da Claudiaidea of creating a learning platform which can serve as a personal trainer. We firmly believe in a “step-by-step” learning process and that is why we support people in their training by providing them, day by day and week by week, with brief, clear and concrete training videos.

We give users the time they need to assimilate new concepts and the opportunity to put them in practice in their everyday working life. Few concepts every day – downloadable and displayable on any mobile device – on which users will have to focus their attention during working hours will allow them to practice new behaviour patterns thus achieving better results in terms of effectiveness compared to one full day of classroom-based training.

Daily push notifications, sms and emails encourage a continuous attendance and participation in the course. This is what makes LearningApp® different from any other e-learning or distance learning platform: users are constantly encouraged to log in and study new contents. LearningApp® is easily accessible on any mobile device, anywhere and anytime, therefore increasing users interaction with the platform and improving the effectiveness of training.

End users experience is made even more interactive by the implementation of a dedicated virtual room for them to share questions and information with tutors and with each others. By sharing their visions and thoughts, but also concrete experiences, with this virtual community, they will feel actively involved in the course while consequentely improving the effectiveness of training.