Education 3.0: our workshop about mobile learning at «Moscow Salon of Education» (MSE)

Education 3.0 la fiera della formazione a MoscaFrom October 31 to November 2, we will be presenting our mobile learning platform, in cooperation with our Russian Partner ATBE, at the exhibition Education 3.0. The exhibition will be held in Moscow and its purpose is to present a broad range of innovative solutions & technologies dedicated to the world of education & training.

The «Moscow Salon of Education» (MSE) will be held at the All Russia Exhibition Center (Pavilion 75). It is an extensive international Forum that will embrace leading innovation technologies in the education sphere. The goal of the event is to enhance the access to, and quality of, education through public-private partnership, promoting international best practices that will boost the personal and professional development of individuals.

The event will be hosted by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Government of Moscow and the Moscow Department of Education.

Our workshop about mobile learningLogo Learning App

The event will host over 300 exhibitors from the sector of training & education and more than 100 companies.
Learning App will hold a workshop to introduce Russian potential clients and partners to the benefits of our mobile learning platform for an efficient, always accessible and cost-effective lifelong education.