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LearningApp® is platform for on-the-job training and contents sharing, easy-to-use and immediately accessible on any mobile device: smartphone, tablet and PC.
Our innovative mobile learning platform makes training materials available anytime, anywhere: LearningApp® is “training at your fingertips”.

Thanks to its simplicity of use and its flexibility, LearningApp® represents the ideal tool for providing distance learning courses to a large number of users (so called MOOC).
Both administration interface and end-user interface are extremely user-friendly. You don’t need extremely developed IT skills to be able use LearningApp®, basic IT knowledge will be enough for activating a course on the platform or accessing the platform as a user and attending a training course.


Piattaforma interattivaLearningApp® is not a traditional e-learning platform, conceived for a mere consultation of multimedia materials. LearningApp® is an interactive system aiming to promote involvement and daily participation through a series of notifications sent directly to users. Reminders will help to keep users involved in the course and will encourage them to adopt new behaviours in their everyday working life.

In the dedicated virtual room users will have the chance to ask tutors or other users for further explanations and/or to share comments, visions and concrete experiences thus increasing the sense of belonging in the class and the effectiveness of  the training itself.

Tests are provided on a weekly basis to encourage users to revise previous topics and to keep them involved in the training. Tests are also a useful tool for companies to keep track of the progress of each course and to verify their “return on investments” (ROI).

Gestione della piattaforma


Our clients can choose between two management options: SERVICE and RENT.

Option SERVICE – Client companies are granted access to the platform by paying an annual activation fee and by  purchasing a number of licenses equal to the number of employees they want to connect to the platform.

Option RENT - This option allows client companies to rent the platform without limits of licenses by paying a monthly fee.

In both cases, client companies are given back-end access so that they can upload and share materials and contents indipendently. Initial training in the use of the platform provided by LearningApp® team and technical assistance included for the whole duration of the contract.It is possible for client companies to upload on the platform their own courses and training material or, alternatively, to choose some courses from our catalog or to request the creation of tailor-made training courses.

  • An innovative training method and a user-friendly platform at the service of your business
  • Constant mentoring and assistance from the team LearningApp ®
  • Possibility to adapt your training catalog in mobile learning format
  • Education accessible from anywhere at anytime, training always at your fingertips
  • Being part of an innovative training method , thus experiencing a greater effectiveness of the training itself
  • Simple exchange of information among users and with tutors thanks to virtual classrooms .