Leadership & Human Resources Management

LearningApp ® is an innovative platform designed to overcome the traditional e-learning and distance learning courses, specifically designed for new mobile devices: PC or laptop, smartphone and tablet.

Thanks to the innovative method “drop by drop” LearningApp® is not just a tablet app that offers training courses online, but is a new training methodology, designed to keep track of the growth of users of the course,  with daily reminders (sms and email) which help the user to apply the concepts learned directly on the job .

The new training course Leadership & Human Resources Management is a course designed for all those who play a leadership role and/or managing staff. A training program that offers incentives and knowledge to improve their leadership style and to create winning teams groups work in the company.

The course is divided into 4 parts, divided into 8-week course.
1. Leaders & Leadership
1.1. Introduction To Leadership
1.2. Leadership Models
2. Leadership Responsibilities
2.1. Roles
2.2. Relationships With Employees
3. Organizational Responsibility
3.1. Team work
3.2. Project management
4. Development responsibilities
4.1. Motivation & coaching
4.2. Checks

Customized products

You can adapt some parts of this training course for your specific business objectives.

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