Sell, simply!

Vendere semplicemente

Vendere semplicemente

Sell, simply! is the new course of LearningApp®, designed for PC, smartphone and tablet. The training methodology devised by LearningApp® is innovative as it goes beyond the traditional distance education and e-learning  to become mobile learning, training available anytime and everywere. Our training method is especially effective for the sellers because our training course could be enjoyed at any time of the day, while traveling by train or plane or while waiting for a customer.

For 12 weeks LearningApp® course will accompany the students, training them to make changes for the better techniques and most appropriate ways to interact with customers and successfully close the deal.

The students receive daily on their PC or tablet or smartphone some video training content and learning tests. Each user also receives daily e-mail and SMS reminders to reinforce the message and training to practice as a stimulus to continuous change. Through the platform LearningApp®, users can confront each other in a kind of virtual community, presenting insights and practical experiences, questions and helping reduce the normal separation of distance education.

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