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Customer Care

We provide Customer Care Service from the first telephone contact with customers to general support concerning LearningApp® operation:
- access credentials provision
- notifications/alert messages to users
- course progress monitoring
- assessment of learning progress
- management of customer/user requests
- information on news and events concerning LearningApp® product

Rental Platform

Sales division

On demand we also organize visits to companies interested in LearningApp®. The nearest agent will present to you our product in detail.

Project Area

Project area's mission is to improve and refine LearningApp® according to the customers' needs and specifications. Customers can choose between LearningApp®'s standard version and a customized one. The customized version includes accesory services (e.g. one day initial classroom training on how tu use LearningApp® and/or applications, strategies and methods that will encourage a positive competion between participants and will help keep them interested and involved in the educational path).