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Thalento e-Assestemnt & Talent Management

LearningApp® is the exclusive distributor of Thalento® e-Assessment & Talent Management products and solutions for Italy and Switzerland (Ticino)
LearningApp® and Thalento® share the convinction that HR specialists and departments need advanced tools to manage their Talents efficiently.
Thalento® develops and markets e-Assessment & Talent Management solutions through a cloud-based platform.
Their products and solutions provide answers to a vast array of Human Resources challenges such as:e-Assessment, Selection, Competency Assessment, Talents Management, Team Management and Performance Monitoring.
Thalento® CLOUD BASED solutions allow company and organizations to ASSESS, MANAGE and DEVELOP their Talents.

A broad range of tools for e-Assessments and Selection and Pre-Selection processes:
  • Cognitive tests
  • Ability Tests
  • Performance Questionnaires
  • I- rater and 360° Surveys
  • Manage
    Thalento® reports provide a clear, structured overview and details of the respondent’s scores on tests, questionnaires and surveys. All reports can be accessed on-line, downloaded without any limit and in all available languages.
  • Performance Indicator
  • Motivation Indicator
  • Cognitive Report
  • Management Capability Indicator
  • Retail e-Assessment
  • Clients can also:
  • Create, save and manage Competency Profiles
  • Create Tailor-made profiles (function- or company-specific)
  • Sviluppare il talento
    Tools & applications for individual and organisational development programs that deliver knowledge and insights for an integrated Talent development, in order to manage efficiently:
  • Training Programs
  • Introduction Programs
  • Retention and Attrition
  • Succession Planning
  • Re-Deployment
  • Management Development
  • connect
    Benefits of a computerized system:
  • Integration of all Thalento® technology and information with you ERP or HCM systems
  • .
  • Connect online or by phone to our experts in our Expertise Advise Center and get the expertise provided by Certified Thalento® Consultants you need when you need it..
  • Our Managed Services can manage your Recruitment Campaigns or Campus Recruitment Projects, or set up organisation-wide 360° survey programs.